October 21, 2012 by hookershorde

History (October 20th, 2012)


News.  I love it.


Newsweek.  I’ve been a subscriber since I was eighteen.   This week, Newsweek announced that, at the end of the year, paper publication will cease.


HBO.  I’m an addict.


Rory Kennedy.  I’m a huge fan.


Ethel, a documentary by Rory Kennedy – wow!  It overwhelmed me.


What will make the next generation cry?  What will they remember?  What makes history?

John F. Kennedy, Jr. was assassinated seven years before I was born.  But, I cry when I see the footage. . .when I see Jacqui spattered with his blood. . .when I hear how Robert Kennedy mourned.


Two years before I was born, when he was only 39-years-old, Martin Luther King, Jr. was shot and killed.  It breaks my heart. 


Prior to his murder, Robert F. Kennedy gave Gene Kelly to his wife as a birthday gift.  Kelly danced Ethel around the room.


What will the next generation remember?   Will they know about Gene Kelly “Singing in the Rain?”  Will they know the lyrics?  Will they know the dance?  Will they see the rain?

Will the children I teach understand the Sixties?  Will they see what was wrong?  Will they take the lessons of segregation and apply them to gay marriage?


The Sixties changed our world. 


What will change the world for my students?  I teach eighth and ninth graders.  On 9/11, they were four-years-old.


What will inspire the next generation?










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