November 12th, 2012 — The Ring: A Symbol

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November 12, 2012 by hookershorde


November 12th, 2012 – The Ring


Waiting for the Veterans’ Day Assembly to begin, I walked up and down the second row in the Eccles Center chatting with my students.  At the far end, sat a group of girls. 


14-year-old girls notice everything.  Therefore, it was odd when one said, “Look at that ring!  When did you get it?” 

I never take it off.  But, in the lights of the theater, the giant diamond glistened on the third finger of my right hand.


Holding out my hand, I smiled at the ring and said, “It’s my divorce ring.”  That’s my usual response.

One of the girls looked puzzled.


I continued, “When my husband and I divorced, he and the jeweler re-designed it, set the stone lower, and added the white gold.”

To me, it seems so sensible.  So logical. 

My student looked horrified.


“Just because we’re no longer married didn’t mean the love disappeared.  A ring symbolizes eternal love.” 


Still appalled, she questioned, “Why would you want to remember?”

“Simple.  I had a lovely marriage to a wonderful man.  He’s still my best friend.  Our history didn’t disappear because we divorced.  The ring symbolizes the love we will always share.  That’s how it should be.”

When women of my generation or older see my ring and ask about it, they can’t believe that a man would be so gracious.  While they may not envy the name of a “divorce” ring, I can see they envy the love.



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