November 18th, 2012 — About Our Call This Evening. . .

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November 18, 2012 by hookershorde

November 18th, 2012 – About Our Call this Evening


Ever the optimist, I expanded my distance settings on eHarmony to “anywhere in the world.” 


Switzerland.  Brazil.  New Zealand.


From around the world, the matches started coming into my account. 


Then, came Darrin from Allentown, Pennsylvania. 


We exchanged the first five questions with multiple-choice answers.  How many books did you read in the last year?  Where do you see yourself living in fifteen years?  What’s your idea of a romantic date?  How often do you lose your temper?


The next step was sharing our “must have’s and can’t stands.”


Finally, after three short answer responses to questions like, “Why did you join EHarmony,” we were thrust into the EHarmony mail. 


Next, we exchanged regular email addresses and phone numbers.


That’s when I learned that Darrin’s wife left him for a doctor.  Divorced for a year, Darrin decided to pack up, leave Allentown and return to Salt Lake City to learn how make harps at the local harp making school. 


After a few emails and a phone call, Darrin made another date.  He asked if he could call me. 


But, at 3:33 on the day of the big date, I received the following email:



   May I take a rain check on our call tonight?  I have been asked to go out to an alpaca farm with animal control tonight to help them round up and confiscate some animals.  I’ll let you in on the details when I know more.

         Thanks a ton, Darrin Lessen


My response was, “Hell, yes.  Thanks for the fodder for my memoir.  I could NEVER think of an excuse like that.”


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