December 27th, 2012: Dear Mr. Chaffetz

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December 27, 2012 by hookershorde

December 27th, 2012 – Dear Mr. Chaffetz


Dear Mr. Chaffetz,


On Sunday, December 23rd, you not only insulted the teachers in Utah, but you continued to embarrass me.  When I tried to reach out with a private email, I found that you are too cowardly to listen to the opinions of any Utahan not in your district.  Odd.  Why are you so afraid?


You were a guest on Meet the Press last Sunday.  Imagine how insulting it was for teachers in Utah to hear you say, “I have high school science teachers that can’t navigate a Bunsen burner.  We don’t want them to have guns.”


Mr. Chaffetz, do you think anyone was charmed when you insinuated that teachers in Utah are incompetent?  Did that crack make you feel better about yourself?  Where would you be without your high school science teacher? 


As a teacher in Utah, I’m trained to teach. Even though, you as a representative (granted, you’re not mine and therefore you won’t respond to my concerns) fail to adequately fund education and provide reasonable reform, I walk into my classroom each day and strive to meet the needs of 200 students.  In addition, I know that when our administration announces, “Teachers, we are in a lockdown situation,” I move my students out of sight, check the hallway for stragglers to bring into my room, lower the blinds, and email the office to account for all of my children.  That is what I am trained to do.  I am not trained to carry and use a weapon.  My job is to educate children.


In conclusion, stop embarrassing your constituents.  When you verbally attack our President, you attack us.  We elected him.  Either be part of the solution, or get out of Washington, Mr. Chaffetz.



A Public School Teacher in Utah





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