January 21st, 2013: Blue Jeans, Jammies or a Ball Gown: Welcome to Nerd Prom

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January 28, 2013 by hookershorde

January 21st, 2013 – Blue Jeans, Jammies or a Ball Gown:  Welcome to Nerd Prom


Rachel Maddow talked about celebrity watching and political celebrity watching in her coverage of the Second Inauguration of Barack Obama.  She noted that in Washington DC, it’s been called “Nerd Prom.”

I love NERD PROM. 


Growing up at Sundance, I met everyone from Peter Gabriel to Glenn Close to Robert Redford to Sally Field to William Devane to Steve Covey.   


But, I was most excited to meet President William Jefferson Clinton when he visited Park City to campaign for his wife, then, Senator Hilary Rodham Clinton.  I couldn’t believe it when he took my hand. 


He looked me in they eye and I stammered, “Uhhhh. . . .uhhhhh. . .Bobby Hernreich told me say ‘hello’ to you.” 


President Clinton released my hand, stepped back, threw up his arms and shouted, “How do you know him?  I love that man!” with genuine enthusiasm.


* * *


Years ago, the first time I attended the Celebrity Ski Classic at Deer Valley, I didn’t care about meeting Larry David or the Mahre brothers, I wanted to meet Bobby Kennedy, Junior.


* * *


Flying from Salt Lake City International Airport to Boston in 2008, my flight was delayed because John Kerry was on it!


* * *


On January 21st, 2013, Human Rights’ Day and President Obama’s Second Inauguration, I attended Nerd Prom in my flannel jammies with MSNBC.  That’s another great thing about Nerd Prom, you can enjoy it in blue jeans, jammies or ball gowns. Image


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