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A native Utahan, this blogger grew into a writer, a yogini, activist and a teacher.  Some find her behaviors eccentric.

Currently, her home hosts a 90-pound Bernese Mountain Dog, a Cockapoo, a poodle rescued from a puppy mill, a 14-year-old poodle with Cushing’s Syndrome that was relinquished to the Humane Society when his owner died, and a gray cat.  (The cat’s named after Maude from the film Harold and Maude.)  Her kind neighbors smile when she walks and strolls.  See, at 18.5 pounds, the toy poodle with Cushing’s Syndrome can’t really walk, so he rides in a doggy stroller.  (The other neighbors, the ones who don’t smile, they don’t count.)

As a junior high school English teacher, this blogger shares her love of writing and the writing process with her students each day.  When she’s not in the classroom, she puts her personal writing skills to work for local magazines, businesses and nonprofit organizations.

Having lived an eclectic life that included a ten-year marriage to a Playboy photographer, a MIM (misadventure in marriage) to a Special Effects Coordinator, a BA in English from the University of Utah, a M.Ed from Brigham Young University, yoga teaching credentials from The White Lotus Foundation, a life under Mount Timpanogos at Sundance, and political craziness in Park City, this blogger is also a Reverend in the Universal Life Church.

Her passion for teaching enables her to coordinate anti-bullying and animal rescue efforts.


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